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Vyshyvanka - current and stylish element of the modern closet

Vyshyvanka is the national Ukrainian clothes, which combines the beauty, combined with history and tradition. Each element of embroidery has its own specific meaning and has a positive impact on the life of the one, who wears an embroidered vest. What do the symbols on the embroidery mean? Geometric patterns - The forces of nature and the fertility of the earth Plants and flowers - Family happiness, love, motherhood Animals - Fidelity, longevity, abundance Red color - Passion, vitality Green color - Rest, nature, prosperity White color - Purity, purity, chastity, perfection.

Vyshyvanka in Vilnius

vyshyvanka, Kaunas   34 eur
vyshyvanka, Klaipėda   45 eur
vyshyvanka, Šiauliai   29 eur

Today the Ukrainian embroidery has become a kind of symbol of the struggle for freedom and independence. Modern embroidered shirts look aesthetically, effectively and stylishly. Did not remain indifferent to such an original element of the closet, as a Ukrainian vyshyvanka, many world stars, such as Demi Moore, Salma Hayek, Lana Del Rey, Dita von Teese, Claudia Schiffer, Adele, Catherine Zeta-Jones and others.

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vyshyvanka, Panevėžys
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Where to buy an Ukrainian vyshyvanka in Lithuania?

You can buy stylish vyshyvankas in our stores in Vilnius: 1. CUP Trade Center, 2nd floor, Upės g. 9 Work hours: 10.00-22.00 2. Ogmios miestas "OUTLET PARK", Verkių g. 31C, by the store "KNYGOS", hours: 10.00-20.00

5 reasons to buy an embroidery clothes in our store:

● We offer a wide range of different models and styles: from traditional classic to modern Smart Casual style embroidery. And also: casual knit embroidered shirts, loose tunics with a belt or elegant embroidered dresses. ● We have embroidered shirts created by both high-tech computer embroidery and handmade embroideries. ● In our stores represented embroidered vestments for the whole family: women, men and children's models. Also: wreaths, gerdans, silanki, handbags, key holders, tablecloths, towels, plahti skirts, belt-edge and much more. ● Very nice pricing policy. You can buy T-shirts embroidered from 20 euro and classic embroideries from 29 euro. ● Buying our products, you support and help to Ukrainian manufacturer: vyshyvankas, jewelry, wreaths, toys, magnets and even boxes. Thank you for your tangible contribution to the economic victory of Ukraine.

Vyshyvanka in the News

Vyshivanka, a Ukrainian store located in Outlet Park, is an amazing opportunity to support Ukrainian business.
Visivanka in Delfi

Ukrainian women create Vyshyvanka businesses in Lithuania without connections, money, or language skills.
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Vyshyvanka in Outlet

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Vyshyvanka in CUP

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